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OK,here we go

2014-10-17 19:03:45 by blackshoot


congratulate! KiloCrescent!

2014-10-06 22:47:37 by blackshoot


informal art2

2014-10-05 03:58:40 by blackshoot


informal art

2014-10-04 01:39:31 by blackshoot


he is a normal flash cartoon maker in our team, though I don't meet him very often...


2014-09-26 09:49:28 by blackshoot

4212293_141173934543_6832651ed21b0ef4627dd857dec451da80cb3e16.jpgsomething you know

madness day

2014-09-23 01:11:44 by blackshoot

another picture, i darw it when kilocrescent draw his hank, yeah, i was too bad.



2014-09-19 21:51:20 by blackshoot



ok, here we go

2014-09-07 15:22:30 by blackshoot

for madness day!!!!




2014-09-04 00:36:22 by blackshoot

Ok,first I am busy to my school work, so I can't get there too frequently, maybe I will stay there untill madness day is finish, I will upload some picture or...if I could persuade the boss of the copy shop i will show more


and a failing, ya

still alive

2013-08-27 09:44:28 by blackshoot

I think I must explain something, I was not die, I just...keep silent. In fact I register(?) this ID just for found more news and movies. I'm a Chinese translator. It is too hard to go to NG for me, so I just collect news, when I finsh it I have no time to report or make a news (luckly,I have time to make a news today).
So don't think I'm died , you can used the messages(?) to call me.
Well...How long I didn't write in English? = =